Welcome to the OC!

Ah, Orange County. That not-so-forgotten stretch of land between Los Angeles and San Diego.


Here, you’ll find 40 miles of coastline, 34 unique cities within the County, and over 3 million people who call this place home. Even though we get lumped in with LA a lot, and we like that LA is just a short, but possibly brutal, drive on the 5 away, Orange County residents like what’s different about Orange County.

Orange County lets you live the lifestyle that LA thinks it could be living, if all its time wasn’t taken up in traffic or in meetings with producers*.

Here, not every square inch of land has been developed.

limestone canyon irvine orange county

Here, we’re not all in “the business” (of show business).

Sure, we might have a few different stereotypes going against us: the Orange Curtain, and a penchant for artificial blondes and ahem, surgical enhancements to name a few glaring ones.

Orange County is Happening Now

But we also have diverse, bustling neighborhoods with walkable downtowns, an exploding food scene, amazing parks and nature reserves, freaking Trestles, a tech-oriented economy and amazing residents that all serve to make Orange County one of the best destinations in the world to visit and live.

There’s more to see and do in Santa Ana these days than ever before. You can sit at a 100-year old bar on the boardwalk in Newport Beach. You can walk more than a thousand steps in Laguna Beach.

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And oh yeah, we have Disneyland.

*Everyone in LA is a producer. 

Welcome to the OC - Orange County, California is one of the most beautiful places in the world. OCExplore provides fun, local and adventurous things to do, see, eat and drink all over the OC.