Beyond the Beige: Three Awesome, People-Powered Murals of Orange County

The following movie titles are currently being explored in Hollywood on a hot new project on life in Orange County:

  • 50 Shades of Beige
  • The Beiges of Orange County
  • Diary of a Beige, Wimpy Adult

(OK, as much as wordplay with “beige” and movie titles could be its own post entirely, let’s move on.)

We’re letting the other walls of Orange County do the talking today, proving there is life beyond the sandstone and caramel-colored shopping centers dotting our cities. Captured from around Orange County, these murals are part of the real OC, and we’re looking forward to capturing and sharing many more of these pieces. If you have murals you’d like to share, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Anaheim Mural by Emigdio Vasquez

Check out an awesome documentary on Anaheim’s murals by Emigdio Vasquez here.

Children of the World

children of the world Mural Orange County

Our Culture Cannot Be Sold

Our Culture Cannot be sold Mural Orange County

BONUS: Toward Equality in Our Schools

OCExplore writer Nancy Doyle pointed out that a mural of a much smaller scale, a US Postal Service stamp, commemorates an Orange County case on education equality: “This image is of the US Stamp commemorating the 60th anniversary of Mendez v. Westminster. Long before Brown v. Board of Education, Orange County parents fought segregation. In 1947, a group of Hispanic parents in Orange County sued to end the racial segregation and discrimination against children of Mexican ancestry by forcing them to enroll in separate “Mexican schools”. California Governor Earl Warren signed the law to end the segregation and he was later US Supreme Court Chief Justice when the Supreme Court heard Brown v. Board of Education (which declared state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white students unconstitutional) in 1954.

Orange County was seven years ahead of the nation on this one!

Mendez vs Westminster stamp 1947 case

All photos (excluding stamp) by @burselph_photography

It's not just tan-colored shopping malls in Orange County, here are three awesome murals in Orange County .